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Rural Development

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Unforgettable authentic experience where you'll get in touch with Shouf natural beauty and local's culture and traditions. You can have wonderful walking trails around to collect wild herbs from the fields. Not to forget the taste of the delicious homemade lebanese breakfast in the glowing peaceful morning and the yummii vegan home-cooked meals.

Farmville Barouk

Farmville Barouk is oriented towards eco tourism and agri tourism concepts. It is located on an agricultural land next to Cezar guesthouses in the beautiful Barouk village and is designed to function around a farming lifestyle where you can pick your own vegetables and fruits from the organic field, feed the animals, collect eggs and enjoy an authentic musical night around the bonfire while having a beer in hand and a good company. Here you can find 1 big farmhouse with 3 small wooden cabins for accomodation featuring all necessary services and facilities. It is the perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in authentic Shouf life with welcoming spirit and warm hospitality.

To give visitors a really rich experience and the chance to explore the nature and culture of El Shouf region, the project organizes experiential tourism packages combining different local visits and activities in the villages...


About Cezar Projects

Our mission is to provide visitors with an authentic experience in the Shouf region through eco-tourism services, simultaneously involving the local community, preserving cultural and natural heritage, spreading awareness and building strong partnerships with different cooperatives to ensure sustainability. Moreover we as Cezar Projects team has made the commitment to care about our people, our environment and our opportunities to live, work and prosper. Our visitors will definitely become part of the community. We work with different partners that have similar objectives to promote community conservation and sustainable tourism.


It is all about authenticity and going back to the roots. You with your family, kids, partner, or friends are welcome to visit us and experience the local life. It's the place where you get immersed in nature, participate in farming and agricultural practices, taste the traditional food, have a pleasant getaway and spend a night or more in one of the comfy homelike guesthouses.

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Barouk, el Shouf, Lebanon